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If If you don’t already have an established mindfulness practice, you might consider going back to this page and working through the ”Starter Kit for Establishing a Mindfulness Meditation Practice.”  If chronic pain is an element of your addiction, check out the Starter Kit for working with pain.

• If you already have a mindfulness practice, you may want to get a “refresher” by practicing mindfulness for 20 to 45 minutes every day for at least 6 days this week using these or other recordings. Feel free to mix it up a bit, using the Body Scan some days, one or two of the other guided meditations on other days, some lovingkindness meditations on other days...

• Set realistic goals (e.g. length of meditation sessions, frequency) that you are likely to be able to maintain in the long run. Too little practice – no significant improvement. Too much practice – burnout and frustration. Find a challenging “middle way.”

Watch this video about mindfulness.


Read this article on Urge Surfing: Mindfulness Techniques to Prevent Relapse

 Mindfulness-Based Recovery Programs


• Refuge Recovery


Noah Levine on Addiction, Recovery and Buddhism


Noah’s book on Refuge Recovery.


Check out Refuge Recovery Website.
Note that weekly meetings are being held in Louisville and Lexington, KY


Man Lighting a Cigarette

• Integral Recovery


Insights from Integral Recovery by John Dupuy


Check out John’s Integral Recovery Starter Kit


John’s book on Integral Recovery


• Integrating Mindfulness into 12-Step programs


Addiction & Mental Health Treatment: Meditation & Mindfulness with Dr. Snyder (bringing mindfulness into treatment programs)

One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps


• Other Resources


Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention


Hooked, Hacked, HiJacked: Reclaim Your Brain from Addictive Living with Dr. Pam Peeke


• How’s Your Sleep? If it’s not so great, here’s some help:

The Sleep Solution by Chris Winter, MD

60-min audio Interview with Chris Winter, MD


• Explore How your Diet can Impact Your Health and Recovery




Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine